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Which Kind Are You?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Well, I guess they have statistics for everything, and that includes apparently readers of romance novels. So where do you fall in these boxes. Respond to this blog in the comment section & let me know.

"Some interesting facts to note are that romance readers consume books voraciously, with over 78% completing at least one book a month (I’d say most romance fans read more than just 12 books annually).

The vast majority read on their Kindles, e-readers, and phones, as opposed to “dead-tree” books.

Romance readers are getting overwhelmingly younger each decade. 65% of them have read the genre for fewer than twenty years. That certainly explains why old-school romance isn’t held in high regard by many younger fans of the genre.

When blogs and book reviewers publish their lists of 'The Best Romance Books…' invariably, most romances are recent, having been published no more than 15 years ago."

"Previously, romance novels were most read by readers ages 35 to 54. But now, the genre is incredibly popular among readers ages 18 to 34 as well. Importantly, this age group is much more likely than older readers to buy print versions of romance novels, which give publishers a higher profit margin than ebooks."

From an article in the Guardian, best-selling author, Emily Henry, said, “Growing up, I definitely remember the overarching messaging around these books to be one of shame... It’s so refreshing to see readers, especially young ones, embrace the genre. We’re moving away from the idea that desires – especially women’s desires – are innately shameful.”

Says blogger simply known as "Leslie" who gives a whole litany of reasons why reading "bodice-rippers" can actually improve your life:

"Reading romance is often described as a guilty pleasure but even that description insinuates that there’s something wrong with reading this genre or that it’s not appropriate literature. Forget that."

So... put away your personal morals and fixations, and judgments of what is "good" and "edifying" to read. Pick up a pint of ice cream, turn down the lights (except for your reading light, of course) and dive in. You can start with my Celtic Magic Series right here.

Good (and happy!) reading to you!

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