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What is Mabon?

Updated: Mar 11

Mabon, or the Celtic pagan Thanksgiving, is the autumn equinox, around September 21st each year. Mabon is the fall harvest celebration—think apples, walnuts, pecan pie, and pumpkin-spice-everything. Mabon is also a time to celebrate community, coming together to support one another and look after each other as we prepare for the long hard winter ahead.

Antler and Bone, a book in Siondalin O’Craig’s Celtic Magic series from Changeling Press, is all about community, as Maine artist Libby and wounded veteran Tomayo fight to save their elder neighbors from a scurrilous landlord, a devastating fire, and a recurring nightmare of a wild hunt. When they learn to face their demons together, they not only find each other, but home and family.

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