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Praise for Bee and Harp

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

"This one scorches. The tale is sweeping and the circumstances are truly the work of legend and magic. Once I started the book, I was engrossed. If you’re looking for a hot story with twists, turns and magic, then this might be the one for you."

-- Nymphaea, Long and Short Reviews

Bee and Harp is the first release of the Celtic Magic Series. Follow museum curator Bee through a steaming New York City summer conference where she finds an ancient, magical Celtic harp--and its handsome but heartbroken harpist! Can she rescue the harp, and the musician, from obscurity and scurrilous thugs?

The love in Bee and Harp is real, but the harp is the stuff of legend: Celtic literature states that the harp of the god Dagda answered only to it's master's voice, and could command armies to attack or lull thousands to peaceful sleep. You'll LOVE what Bee has to do to make it play!

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