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Interesting.... Makes you think...

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

"Loved it! So this was interesting, but really good too. It definitely makes you think about looking below the surface of someone and seeing what is inside and who they truly are."

-- 5 Stars from Tapnchica, Amazon Review

You know a Celtic Magic romance novel from Siondalin O'Craig at Changeling Press is going to be sweet and steamy. But I must admit, I LOVE IT when my readers also say it's "interesting" and "makes you think". As a romance writer, sure, I know you are looking for love, longing, lust and, well, a little heat! But there's no reason not to stimulate the mind along with...other parts.

The Celtic Magic series interweaves history, myths, legends and culture of Ireland and Irish-America with passionate romance in a way that is downright...interesting! Check them all out at Changeling Press.

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