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Are You Into Irish Folklore? Visit Comhair Lebheal...

Updated: Mar 11

Those of you who read my books know they are based in Celtic traditions and magic. I found myself drawn into this fantastic and fascinating website on Irish Folklore that really emphasizes the role of storytelling as profoundly important to the tradition. I would tend to agree. Storytelling is my life.

They begin early on with... well... a story... about "How It All Began..."

It all started with the Celts. This band of farmers, tribes and warriors hail from the European Alps and spread out to occupy the continent. It’s a society that placed much emphasis on victory and war, religion, wealth and even beauty. They were also skilled storytellers.
The first mention of the Celts comes from Roman sources. When the first missionaries arrived in Ireland to convert the Celts that were left, some forward-thinking monks collected and wrote down stories. As these stories were passed down, elements were misunderstood, lost and added to.

Just as the flow of my Celtic Magic Series goes, they point to the four cycles of Irish Mythology.

Irish folklore can be divided into four cycles. Each cycle contains different characters and stories. In most cases, they are all entwined. The four cycles are the Mythological Cycle, Ulster Cycle, Fenian Cycle and Historical Cycle. Each has its own intriguing stories, tales and fascinating myths.

Following are posts on a range of Irish mythological stories and histories, such as "The Blarney Stone," "The Leprechaun," and "St. Patrick's Day."

Check it out! I was impressed.

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